Early Cyber Security Education

Opinion piece on when to start cyber security education.


Trevor Winge

8/8/20231 min read

It is crucial to start educating children about cyber security at an early age. I have started with my own children at six years old. Technology is embedded in our daily lives through the use of phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs and home connected devices. Teaching children about cyber security from an early age empowers them with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely. This education should include topics such as online privacy, password protection, and recognizing potential online threats. Instilling good cyber habits early on will help children develop a strong sense of responsibility and vigilance when it comes to their online activities. Moreover, educating children about cyber security at a young age can help them become responsible digital citizens who understand the importance of protecting their personal information and respecting the online boundaries of others.

There are a number of excellent resources available to help with educating your children. (NOTE: I am not affiliated with any of the organizations, but have used their resources with my own children)

  1. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

  2. Family Online Safety Institute

  3. Paloalto Networks: Cyber Safe Kids

  4. UTSA's CIAS CyBears